Rumors of mass drug dog bust debunked


“It’s just to help keep you guys safe”

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter

Rumors have been circulating in Lugo that there was a mass of students found with drugs by the detection dogs, but these rumors have been found false. While it is true that our school is visited by these sniffer dogs, it is a much more common procedure than we think.

Don Lugo, alongside many other schools in the area, has been partnering with Interquest Detection Canines for quite some time now. This program was brought in the hope that it would deter bringing drugs onto campus. While there isn’t a set schedule necessarily, whenever the company can provide dogs to a certain school they inform administrators and get sent to larger classrooms. The rumors mentioned that a group of 12 students, specifically freshmen, were all lined up after being caught at once. However, after speaking with Officer Wiley, who is usually involved in these searches and has much experience in dealing with the company and students involved, this was also debunked. He mentioned that in the most recent search nothing was found, “Not this time around, the last time we had a dog I think it was last week I believe? We didn’t have any”.

He also stated that though this search didn’t find anything particular, usually these kinds of searches end up exposing a student or two who is carrying drugs. So to dispel all the rumors, there haven’t been any grand cases of a bunch of drugs in the school, and the staff does work hard to protect the students from bringing drugs into the facility.