Senior activities


Class of 2023 be prepared for all of the upcoming activities

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter

Attention seniors! This year is rolling by and there’s a plethora of activities to look forward to. From senior retreat to prom, there’s a never-ending list of ventures to attend and experience. The most recent activity to date is the senior retreat, a weekend to a beautiful campsite brimming with entertainment. But even if you miss this, there are still plenty of other events to attend.

I should warn you that these activities come at a price. The senior retreat itself was around 200 dollars and the other activities will range from 75 to 100 dollars. The price is to allow the school to take good care of all events and allow the students to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Since it’s the last year for the class of ‘23, there are other things to look forward to, not just special events. Seniors get their sweaters to represent their final year and early picks to general school items like yearbooks and senior yearbook dedications. Not only is the school planning special activities for seniors, but the community is also organizing events outside of the school’s dominion. The community has come together for “Grad Night”, a special night for the graduated seniors. It’s a full celebration for the graduates and has a history of being amazing and a night to remember for the graduates. Some previous years even went to Disneyland for their Grad night.

The year will be filled with extravagant activities for all the graduating class of 2023 who are eligible. Going to even one out of all the events will make the year even more memorable. Let’s make this year the best year and enjoy all that the school and community offers.