Don Lugo Theater makes grand return with their long awaited Lip Sync Battle debut after Covid shutdown


Chloe Austin

The Don Lugo theater class rehearses for the upcoming Lip Sync Battle. “Lip sync battle is a must have show, I cannot wait to come back the following years and watch the new theater generation improve,” said co-captain and Vice President, Yazmin Rodriguez.

Erika Hernandez, Managing Editor

The well-known and highly anticipated Don Lugo Lip Sync battle is back after a 2-year hiatus! After a prolonged distance learning lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Don Lugo theater class has not been able to show off their lip-syncing and performance skills to the public since early 2020. The theater class is extremely thrilled to resume the exciting event and to be able to perform and show off how hard they have been working in order to assure that this year’s lip sync battle is a success and to inspire other students to join theater as well.

The famous Don Lugo Lip Sync battle is a 2-day event that takes place in the MPR where three teams compete against each other and lip-sync popular songs from six different genres. Each team adds their own unique flare with their own live choreography, acting, and also fun costumes. The event also includes commentary and judging to determine which team takes the victory. Students in theater encourage others to attend both days as each performance is not repeated twice.

Along with the excitement, the theater class is also feeling nervous considering it’s been a while since they last practiced and as well as the consequences of the pandemic. However, they express their gratitude for the opportunity to finally host the lip-sync battle once again. “I was nervous about our decrease in classmates this year but after months of working with these people, we’ve truly grown as a family. I’m confident we can bring back theater and have many more lip sync battles”, says Yazmin Rodriguez, co-captain and Vice President of Don Lugo theater.

The theater class emphasizes how dedicated their team is and how difficult it would be if it wasn’t for the wonderful and diligent class that makes up Don Lugo theater and everyone who is a part of the entire process.

“This is not possible without the collaboration of so many talented people, especially the people that work backstage… who’s doing the choreography and who’s putting everything together”, says Aiden Deming, a member of Don Lugo theater.

Don Lugo theater has proven time and time again that they put their all into this performance, and especially now since they have not had a lip sync battle since the pandemic lockdown. The class appreciates everyone who decides to buy tickets to come and watch their phenomenal skills. This year, there are no pre-sale tickets available but premium seating for a more engaging and up-close view is offered. The Conquistadors of theater are thankful and thrilled for this opportunity to be able to host this event again and would love the support.