New AP University program gives students across the Chino Valley district extra support for upcoming exams


Chloe Austin

A student is registering for the AP University study sessions. “It’s important that students feel comfortable with everything they’ve learned all year [and] refresh their memory and also be able to tie topics from second semester, back to first semester…”, said Mr. Belloso.

Erika Hernandez, Managing Editor

As the end-of-the-year AP exams start creeping up, so do those crucial hours of studying. With time slowly decreasing in order to get prepared for said exams, many students may feel lost or unmotivated. Especially with the 10-day isolation protocol some students have had to follow due to contracting Covid-19 as well as past distance learning, many days of absence can lead to falling behind in AP classes.

As exam season starts progressing, a new way of studying is needed for these students, as well as students who are first year AP class takers and do not know where to begin. The CVUSD has created a solution with an all-new program that will help AP students prepare for their exams ahead of time and be successful in their studying to get the scores they desire. 

AP University is a brand new program introduced to the district in order to help students prepare for the College Board AP exams. Study sessions will be conducted Saturdays during the months of February, March and April, months before the exams commence. These sessions will be taught by AP teachers across the CVUSD, including teachers at Don Lugo High, and will be around 2 hours long. Students will also be reviewing with other students who attend different high schools across the Chino Valley district

This is a program we’re trying for the first time in the district and if it is successful, we will probably expand it to more sessions…I need all students, especially Don Lugo students, to take it seriously and register”

— Ms. Ocalir

These sessions will be taught in person held at another site in the district building, not at Don Lugo High. Subjects include AP English 11 and 12, AP Human Geography, AP Calculus AB & BC, and many more! Emails have been sent out to students who are currently enrolled in AP classes around the Chino Valley USD to remind them to sign up and reserve a seat for the program. AP teachers encourage their students to sign up beforehand in order to excel in their future exams.

“…Registering will benefit [students] greatly because it’s going to give them an opportunity to start preparing for AP exams months ahead of time… It’s crucial to prepare ahead of time because in AP courses, there’s quite a bit of content to cover…” said Mr.Belloso, a social science teacher at Don Lugo High School.

Studying ahead of time is incredibly important when preparing for the College Board exams and teachers encourage students to take advantage of opportunities like the AP University. Because of distance learning, studying has become harder for a vast majority of students due to  a lack of focus they’ve developed over quarantine. With the help of this new in-person program, students will benefit from them by developing a sense of discipline and learn how to break up the studying process and be better prepared for the exams.

As the end of January 2022, there are still seats available to reserve. If you’re a student registered for any AP classes, check your email or ask any of your AP teachers for more information! It’s important to not miss out on this opportunity and experience the all-new program created by the Chino Valley school district. Take advantage of signing up for the AP University ahead of time and continue to work hard to get those outstanding scores.