Seniors on the dance team are preparing for Nationals virtually for their last season due to Covid-19


Photo Courtesy: Alina Carcido

All the senior dancers are showcasing their moves in a zoom meeting.

Cheyanne Jauregui, Editor in Chief

In the state of California, the majority of schools are online since COVID-19 span across the globe. High School students are forced to adapt to a new normal. Extracurricular activities are being taught online. Luckily, our technologically advanced country made that accessible to us. Although it is entirely different than an in-class experience. It has been a difficult transition especially for many seniors on the dance team. 

The Don Antonio Lugo High School award-winning dance team is left with no option but to have their season online, over Zoom. Which in many ways is negatively impacting the seniors because it is their last year of dance and they are doing it virtually. The way practice and nationals will be set up is not the experience they expected for their farewell tour.

As of right now, they are having dance practice indefinitely online over Zoom for nationals. Although, they are unsure if nationals are going to be online or in person. According to Ms. Avery, the Don Lugo dance teacher, they have four different options depending on the tier they will be in, close to nationals. The options are canceling it altogether, a virtual competition, a competition where the performers perform at the venue and spectators have to watch online, and the last tier would be a regular competition. Which seems unlikely at this point in time. Alina Carcido, head captain, shares, “I’m super bummed about not being able to have a regular dance season.” This senior year is something she and all her fellow seniors were looking forward to for three years. She adds, “We’ve all been trying to stay positive and it can get hard sometimes.”

Captain Jailie Hernandez practicing her dance routine for nationals as she learns virtually for her last season. (Photo Courtesy: Jailie Hernandez)

Jailie Hernandez, co-team captain, shares that her least favorite part of having dance season online is not being able to physically dance with her teammates. Not seeing her teammates in person has been difficult, which is one of the essential parts of visual performing arts. This is her last year with her team which makes this time even more upsetting. However, she remains positive, and says, “With competitions possibly being with no spectators, it will be different but if we still get the chance to do it in person then that will be better than completely not doing it at all.”

The seniors on the dance team are not experiencing their special year the way they imagined. Yet they continue to make the best of it. They are constantly putting in hard work while they prepare for nationals even if it is different from what they want. Ms. Avery extends a piece of advice, “I truly believe you all will come out of this season stronger and even more ready to make a powerful impact on this world. Keep your heads up and don’t forget what an inspiration you are.”