Don Lugo Basketball takes a tough defeat from Chino


Ryan Kemble

Don Lugo runs to the oppsosite side of the court to play offense. Don Lugo won this game against Montclair High School 52-46. “We still have the rest of the season to look forward to and we do play Chino again at the end of the season”, said Luke Kemble

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

On January 18, 2022 Don Lugo faced Chino High School; a big rivalry that has been going on since 1972 when Don Lugo opened. Don Lugo did take a pretty bad loss this year with a score of 79-41, but the team is not letting this loss shape the rest of their season. They still have a big game on February 3 for a chance to win the league which is normally the case.

The Don Lugo Boys Basketball Team has started this season off hot, with back to back league wins, but now losing to Chino puts them slightly back at 2-1. Lugo Basketball has been through many rough times this year dealing with Covid-19 coming through the team and affecting a lot of the players, causing many members of the team to be out for some games. They have persevered through this adversity and are making the best of it. “It was a tough loss but that doesn’t define our season just from losing one rival game”, said Luke Kemble, a four-year varsity starter.

One game doesn’t mean the season is lost, with league still up for grabs and many more games to look forward to, especially against Chino, the team is ready to move on and get ready for the rest of their season. The next game that the boys’ basketball team is playing is against Baldwin Park tonight, January 21 at 5:00 pm and there are still 6 league games after that. So far this season in league Don Lugo is in second place with being only one game behind Chino who is in first place with a record of 2-0 at this point. A rising star at Don Lugo named Sammy Montenegro states, “That game doesn’t mean much to me because I know what kind of team we are and what we can really do having a second chance against Chino at the end of the year will let us prove ourselves.”