Veterans Day is a holiday for respect, honor, and gratitude


Kyla Rose

The American banner waving proudly in the air representing the American peoples freedom. As many should note to thank our lucky stars for the freedom we have today.

Kyla Rose, Features Editor

Veterans Day lands on the date November 11, an important date in our nation’s history. Veterans Day is for the honoring of our fallen, the soldiers who previously served, and those currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. While many Americans enjoy using this day to give thanks, many have their own views on Veterans Day.

Some students and staff attending Don Lugo High School have first hand experience associated with the military. Health and science teacher, Mrs. Briseno, is a former veteran who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, expressing that Veterans Day is “a day to honor all veterans. Coming from a military background, both of my brothers served for over 20 years; my father was in World War 2, he served for 10 years; I served for 20 years; so this is a very important day for me.” Mrs. Briseno, along with several others, are directly impacted by their personal connection to Veterans Day and continue to show their appreciation for all veterans.

Thank you for your service. It is an honor to call you my brothers and sisters.

— Mr. Sabolchic

Along with Mrs. Briseno, Criminal Justice teacher, Mr. Sabolchic, is another fellow veteran who has served in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Air Force. Mr. Sabolchic shares, “For me it’s about honoring my fellow brothers and sisters in arms that have served and are currently serving. I know first hand the sacrifices that these individuals have made, and it is an honor to have fought for our freedom next to each of them.”

It is important to remember the sacrifices that each veteran has made for this country that we call home. A simple ‘Thank you for your service’ is a great way to express gratitude for veterans while acknowledging their commitment to their line of duty. Proudly flying the American flag outside of your house would be more than enough to display pride for the United States.

Knowing that we have people that are willing to put their lives on the front line to protect our country, I think, is an honorable thing to do.

— Cheyanne Jauregi

Military brats and family members of the veterans also take part in having a deeper appreciation for this day. Senior Cheyanne Jauregui is one of the few Military brats attending Don Lugo. She expresses, “These are people that sacrifice their life knowing they may die. Even if they aren’t infantry or on the front lines they are still signing a contract that limits what they can and can’t do all to protect our country and to me that’s honorable.” Bringing up a great point, Cheyanne focuses on the sacrifices that one must make, ultimately restricting their time with loved ones much more often than others.

We live in a world where our forefathers achieved freedom through power, blood, sweat and tears. With our veterans to thank, the ‘American Dream’ is no longer a dream, but an actual reality for many who have the opportunity to live in America today. No matter how old or how young, no matter the color of skin nor the language one speaks, there is pride to be found in every American heart – God bless the United States of America!