Ten gold medals keep cross country in the running

With a heavy start a few weekends back moving quickly into a straight seven medal win this last Saturday, cross country’s dedication to the sport has given us all a run for our money. Starting with a rough beginning to the year in trying to earn back the muscle and stamina that may have lost over covid, the team has never looked more powerfully built.


Kyla Rose

Robbie Valdez taking the run smoothly through the start. Cross country continues to push through the race coming in with a win. “At this point its not really going for medals. Its going for time”, stated by Robbie Valdez.

Kyla Rose, Features Editor

Going into season from the standing point of where covid left off, you can see where the team may have struggled quite a bit for regaining much of their momentum. Taking a deeper look at what that all looked like, the teams motivation and consistency never dropped. Haden Garcia, senior and varsity cross country runner expresses,” Preparing for this season it was kind of rough. We came in from last season where it was really hard to practice because we had to get our temperature checked, we had to wear our masks, if you were sick you were out for so long. If you took two weeks off you were basically back to square one. So this season was really hard trying to get back into it. ”

While having those who struggled threw covid training, you have others such as Nicole Boskovich who used the time off to their advantage. Nicole, varsity cross country runner and senior says, “I think during covid I got stronger as a runner because I was focusing a lot on running because I didn’t have anything else better to do with my time. So I go on runs pretty much every morning.”

This former weekend holding the big seven medal win, the cross country team knows the best way to make a solid come back from the week before prior to the achievement. “Its really exciting to see the kids and they’re reactions for students who have P.R.ed. You know like beat their own record. Seeing their looks of joy when they finally do it,” explains Ms. Peterson, new assistant cross country coach. “But its kind of a bag of mixed emotions too because one students day when they’re having an awesome race could be another students worse run of the year. You need to be able to switch from celebrating with one group and then supporting and being present for another group and all in the same shared space.”

As runners were preparing for the evening race with the hopes of improving their own scores, runners were grooming themselves into the mindset of working to achieve a victory. Things such as taking power naps and fueling themselves with super foods were the routines of the students who were in preparation to compete. Between the hours of 8 am to 7 pm, the cross country team was finding their drive to push threw this last race.

Seven of the cross country runners take a celebratory photo after a win. Robbie Valdez, Haden Garcia, and Nicole Boskovich take medals for their team. Nicole expresses, “If you want to come run, come run. It’s not as bad as people think it is. We have a lot of newer people too.” (Photo Courtesy: Kyla Rose)

The players could not be more proud of their team and of themselves, especially with the addition of their next win. Robbie Valdez, senior and varsity cross country runner claims,” It felt good, it felt like we were actually doing our job. I feel like our job is to go out there and race and get good times and placements for our team. I feel like all the work that we’re doing is finally paying off. I feel like all our practice, all the pain we go threw for practice is working out.”

The runners on this team are not phased by how much recollection they receive given that many are attempting to give cross country the recognition that they deserve. here is only one thing on a runners mind: crossing that finish line faster than the person behind them. With the team collectively bringing home more wins, the fans will soon follow.