Opinion: America will remain stagnant as long as the Two Party system exists

The recent elections draws concerns about the ineffectiveness of the Two Party system.

Wikimedia Commons

The recent elections draws concerns about the ineffectiveness of the Two Party system.

Karly Ortiz, Editor in Chief

For the few months leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, the massive political polarization between Democrats and Republicans in America became dramatically apparent. The two party system has made it so that people do not vote for who is best for the country, but rather they vote for whoever their party tells them to vote for. There will never be unanimous agreement on one candidate, but the two party system has become almost cultish in the way that people don’t even consider any candidates other than the ones in their party. 

I understand that in the context of the recent election voting for a third party candidate was not an option if you wanted change in the white house, but that does not mean we should keep in place a system that forces you to vote for the lesser of two evils. The Constitution makes it virtually impossible to vote beyond the two major parties, meaning we don’t have as much freedom in deciding the fate of our country as we have been lead to believe.

There are more than two sides to each political issue, and having a system in which you can only choose between Democrats or Republicans if you want to have a real say in the president does our country a major disservice. 

We will never reach our true potential as a nation if we dwindle our options down to two parties that are not as different as we attempt to make them sound. Money and power rules our government, the only difference between the options we are given is the way they decide to word their policies.

There is corruption running rampant within the Democratic and Republican parties, minorities and people of lower income are still being put at a major disadvantage and even being killed in the streets, people in the 1% are still becoming billionaires while alarming numbers of veterans are homeless, and etc. If the parties cared about the American people the way they claim they do than they would be actively working to change all of these things. All we get now is empty promises. 

Perhaps if the two party system was abolished and people had more than two candidates to realistically choose from, we would elect people who will actually be best for America rather than following the mob mentality that has ruled our nation for the past 400 years. Maybe things would finally change.