With the holiday season comes hard work to receive college scholarships

Adrie Villa is standing in front of Knox College while visiting the campus. Adrie had recently applied to this college along with one of their scholarship programs.

Photo Courtesy: Nadine Villa

Adrie Villa is standing in front of Knox College while visiting the campus. Adrie had recently applied to this college along with one of their scholarship programs.

Kyla Rose, Features Editor

The holiday season is already starting off with a stressful rush for not only last-minute college applications but also SCHOLARSHIP submissions. While many were received through the submission of their college applications, others worked tirelessly to receive the greatest gift that one can receive this season: free money! With a mix of both academic and athletic scholarships, students are grateful to receive any form of scholarship that they can get their hands on. Achieving an academic scholarship seems to be a more reliable and sufficient way of bringing in money to help pay for college. Don Lugo senior Emily Baucher had received the Presidential Scholarship at the University of La Verne in part because of her impressive 4.3 GPA.  As if a 4.0 GPA isn’t hard enough to attain, having a 4.3 is only bound to bring in the big bucks to pay for college!

While multiple students acquired academic scholarships, there is a hand full of students that earned an athletic scholarship in addition to their GPA scholarship. Don Lugo senior Austin Moon shares, “The baseball coach had put in money for me and then my GPA was weighted of a 3.6, so I received $15,000. If I maintain a 4.0 GPA, then I can receive up to $20,000.” Austin Moon is the prime example of a notable student-athlete, one who proves that academics always come first.

As we find out how these students were able to get their hands on such rewarding benefits, we come to the question of WHY. Why did these students even attempt to receive any scholarships? Did they even attempt at all? What was the reason for working so hard at something you may or may not even receive?

Liz Ortiz practicing beach volleyball as the sun slowly sets for the night. Liz received a scholarship for her performance in beach volleyball. (Taina Ortiz)

Whether you are an only child or a sibling of four, finding scholarships to help pay for college has always been one of the same motives most students use to earn money for school. Don Lugo senior Adrie Villa says, “I know that it’s going to be tough to pay for college, especially because my older brothers are in college and my parents have four other kids. I know that my work and school affect how much I make. I  know that it’s not going to be easy to pay for college so I need to keep my grades up and hopefully get these scholarships.” As Adrie strives for the best in supporting her parents, she understands her circumstances and acknowledges the fact that despite any obstacles, it will surely be worth the sacrifice she is willing to give.

Student-athlete and Don Lugo senior Elizabeth Ortiz has received both an academic and an athletic scholarship! She claims, “It means a lot to me because I know I’ve worked super hard for both scholarships.  I feel like it’s all starting to pay off, and this helps my parents tremendously, knowing that they don’t have to pay as much money.” Elizabeth is proud to not only have received these scholarships but also to provide her parents some leeway and breathing room for her college expenses.

For the seniors at Don Lugo High School, it’s become CRUNCH TIME more than ever! With college apps, finals, and now scholarship submissions, it can be hard to find the motivation to continue all of this. Despite the challenges that seniors are enduring, one should just try their best; give it their all. What’s the worst that can come from you giving your best?