Girls soccer tryouts showcase promising players ready to set a new record for upcoming season


Photo Courtesy: Leah Montelongo

The girls soccer team from the 2020-2021 season huddled on the field before the start of their soccer game. “I am excited to see all the girls come together again and create a strong bond,” said Leah Montelongo.

Mackenzie Aguilera, News Reporter

Monday kicks off the start of girls soccer tryouts with Coach Swift, after not being able to play for nearly a year due to the pandemic. Many girls have been waiting for this moment to finally gear up and get back on the field.

As Coach Swift assesses the new incoming players he is excited to once again have an outstanding record of 11-3 or higher. Although the bar has been set pretty high, he is confident in the returning and incoming players to make a record of their own. For many freshmen and sophomores this is their first time ever trying out for a sport.

Although the girls are nervous, they are excited for the practices and the thrill of competing. “With this new group of girls coming up for this new season, I feel we can be stronger than we were last year,” exclaimed Leah Montelongo, a returning  member of the girls soccer team. These athletes will need to put in the hard work and dedication to reach their goal of living up to last year’s record, all of which they are more than capable of achieving. 

After completing the first day of tryouts, the turnout proved to be successful. Coach swift will have 3 more days to evaluate the girls and see what type of talent they can bring to the team. He is confident he will have a strong team this year that can dominate throughout the season. 

Returning varsity players are excited to be back and rebuild the team’s chemistry and dynamic with their new players they will gain for this school year. Although the girls did lose a couple of key players such as Lauren Hernandez and Saslaya Baca, they have a lot of new talent that can be put to use this year. “We had a pretty decent season last year going 11-3, but I feel we have even more potential to make it a strong season,” said Leah Montelongo. 

As the season approaches for girls soccer, so does the excitement. The girls are ready to compete once again and see what they can do to have a winning season and hopefully qualify for CIF for another year. The girls Varsity soccer team is prepared to dominate the competition and set their very own record.