The Beginning Of Fall Season Sports



Dylan Young getting in the huddle and calling out the play. “I was finally relieved that Coach Curtis called a passing play for our next route,” said Dylan Young Don Lugo Quaterback

Mackenzie Aguilera, News Reporter

As we all head back to school with Covid-19 restrictions, students have gotten the opportunity of having sports back. Students wondered while in quarantine if sports would be back for the 2021-2022 school year. Summer started and so did fall sports practices.

As students are walking on campus excited to be back, they are also excited to be back on their field and courts. While teams are trying to accommodate the loss of players from Covid, they try to stay positive for their upcoming season. They prepare to put in more work and strive for a positive season.

Captains are trying their hardest to keep their team going and motivated for their season. The Don Lugo Football season has started off rocky with new and young players. “We all need to be there everyday at practice and continue to work hard,” said captain Dylan Young. As a Varsity captain, Dylan believes him and his team will grow strong together and get through each fight that is put in front of them.

As the Don Lugo Volleyball team is entering their season with their record being 2-2 , they are remaining optimistic for their upcoming league games. “We did lose a lot of our stronger players, but having Liz and Morgan helps the teams, they made the team stronger,” said varsity volleyball player Kyla Rose. Despite losing their key players such as Nicole Briggs and Ellie Garcia. The team is accommodating and working hard to stay strong throughout their season.

Other sports such as water polo, cross country, and tennis are all trying to build off from the loss of players and having to fight around the Corona Virus. Fall sport teams are trying to pull together and build off their seasons from last year and the year before. Despite hardships being put in front of them, their plan is to get through it and dominate their season.