Leadership Applications are Open!


Valerie Torres

Inside the ASB office. Members form strong bonds with each other as they become more involved in the school and in school spirit.

Alessandra Verdugo, News Reporter

New year,new chances to be involved in the Don Lugo community! Applications to join the leadership team are now open for students interested in joining. Leadership consists of several courses and positions students can participate in including Renaissance,ASB commissioners,and much more which you can learn about in the ASB office.

Alessandra Verdugo
Information sheet for students looking to apply for leadership positions – available at the ASB office

Members on the team, no matter what position, are expected to work together in various scenarios. Whether that be planning rallies, games, spirit weeks, and other activities. John Lin,a member on the team explained,“Everyone should be doing their part,it’s very group heavy.” Teamwork is a vital and valuable element on the Leadership team,and members must be willing to cooperate with others in order to aim for success.

To apply for the team,simply pick up an application in the ASB office,fill it out,and turn it right back in to ASB. The application is also available on the Don Lugo Homepage under the Leadership tab for a quick glimpse. Make sure to check it out and join your fellow conquistadors!