Students are able to receive lunch and technology at school during closures


Alessandra Verdugo

The Don Lugo High School homepage now provides students with information to help them understand free meal distribution and access technology assistance.

Alessandra Verdugo, News Reporter

There have been many concerns with how school will continue while allowing students to practice social distancing. One of the main concerns is how students who may need help getting food and extra technological help will receive them at this time. Fortunately, the Chino Valley Unified School District will be making it available for students to pick up lunch as well as technology during school closures.

Lunches were available from March 16 through March 19 at the CVUSD Adult Education Center. However, students who may have missed it will have another chance to pick up meals after the regularly scheduled spring break. Meals will not be given out for students to pick up during spring break as it is a normal holiday break.

After the break, which is Friday, March 20 through Friday, March 27 2020, breakfasts and lunches will be available for students to pick-up at all of the junior high schools and K-8 schools in the district 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

For students who may need help with access to technology to participate in online classes, they will first need to email their school principal to request and fill out a form for technology before picking them up. They will then receive an email from their principal with information regarding pick-up times and locations. Instructions must be read and followed carefully as it is different for every school. If students have enough devices at home with internet access, it is advised to not request more devices because there is a limited supply for students who need extra devices in their home.

While many kids do not need to pick up meals or technology from their schools, there are many others who are less fortunate and who need this opportunity to get supplies. During this time of social distancing, it can be difficult for families in need who rely on school services to help provide for their children, especially meal services. With these grab-and-go lunches and extra devices being provided by CVUSD, students will be able to get the food and technology they need to continue school life at home.