Theatre’s vintage Homecoming performance


Photo Courtesy of Saslaya Baca.

Angela Gutierrez, Performing Arts Reporter

Don Lugo’s theatre department always works hard to put together a spectacular performance. They never fail to amaze a crowd, proving these actors are truly meant to be on a stage. This year so far they have been working on several projects, and they’ll be ready to see live in action for their third consecutive year at the Homecoming football game.

The Homecoming football game is coming up soon on October 11, and the audience can expect to see another great performance from the theatre program at the halftime break. A mixture of all the theatre students have an opportunity to perform at the game. Their act is always based off of the Homecoming theme, which this year happens to be “Old Hollywood.”

The theatre department is currently in the process of looking for ideas on what their performance will consist of. At the moment, they are also busy with their fall play production and need to manage both showcases. Due to their hands being full at the moment, it will take the actors about two weeks total to learn and perfect their act, explains Advanced Theatre student and Thespian President, Andreia Sales.

Since the actors are also busy with the fall production, practice for the homecoming showcase has not started yet. They usually practice during their theatre class period and after school. These students put in many hours of work in and out of school, and the end result is always marvelous.

The halftime theatre performance will be about 10 to 15 minutes long. Within this time span, the actors will put on an astonishing presentation. Andreia Sales explains that learning the lines don’t usually take long to memorize since the act is pre-recorded and they just need to memorize movements and timing.

How I get into character is by studying the part and doing anything and everything I can do to become that character.

— Andreia Sales

The actors are very excited to perform at the game and wow the crowd once again. There is no doubt that theatre’s hard work will create a show-stopping act. The actors may still get pre-game jitters, but in the end they always provide a breathtaking production.