Theatre’s fall production: “Oz”


Angela Gutierrez

The stage is set. Students are reading their lines and preparing for the cold read audition. “It’s a great way to share your creativity.” (Andreia Sales)

Angela Gutierrez , Reporter

Our wonderful theatre program is bringing The Wizard of Oz to the stage in their fall performance. They are celebrating the play’s 80th anniversary with their show, and held auditions on September 13. At auditions they gave students the opportunity to preform a scene on stage for the role they wanted through a cold read of the script.

The bell rang marking the end of the school day. Students head to the MPR and prepare to audition for Oz. They determine which role they are interested in auditioning for and are put on stage to perform a couple lines. (Photo courtesy of Angela Gutierrez)

At the auditions students were asked to introduce themselves and describe what they have to offer to the theater program. The Thespian President, Andreia Sales had nothing but good things to say when asked why students should be encouraged to audition for the show, “It’s a great way to share your creativity.” Andreia believes that the theater program plays an important role in many students lives on campus by providing an escape from reality and giving those students a chance to be someone else on  stage.

I love acting like someone else on stage; it’s who i am ”

— Andreia Sales, Thespian President

The fall play is to take place on November 13-15. The show will be a story based on The Wizard of Oz where the audience can recognize some of the original characters and be introduced to some new characters as well. The classic musical’s 80th anniversary took place this year on August 25 and our theatre department is paying homage to the play with their own performance.

Every year theatre tries to alternate between comedy and drama to provide the campus with some variety. This year the drama department is officially having a drama year, where most plays will have a dramatic aspect, but this play in particular will be a bit more unique. Going into this year Mrs. Deming, the advanced theatre teacher, wanted audience members to cry but after analyzing her actor’s skills she decided that this play will be a mix of both drama and comedy.

The script is out. Two students are reading lines together ready to go on stage. The audition is a cold read, so this is the first time anyone has seen the script. (Photo courtesy of Angela Gutierrez)

Currently the play has 20 spots, but there is the possibility that not all spots will need to be filled. Mrs. Deming plans to have call-backs on Wednesday September 18 for any student she would like to work with for the play, and to find a permanent role for them. Five spots are open right now, including the crucial role of the cowardly lion.

The premise of the play is following a girl named Beth who is trying to cope with the loss of her sister. Her journey mimics Dorothy’s journey in the original Wizard of Oz. The department is extra motivated to make this play unforgettable, considering the sentimental value it holds. This play by Don Zolidas is important to Deming and her seniors, because four years ago their first ever play together was also written by Don Zolidas.

The drama aspect that I was looking for exists but the comedic aspect I wanted for this group of actor surprisingly also exists in this really fantastic production of Oz by Don Zolidas”

— Mrs. Deming

The fall play hell week begins November 11-15, where the actors and crew will prepare to bring this show to life. A lot of work goes into executing a play perfectly, but the theatre department always manages to do it, year after year.