Dance team’s homecoming performance and how they remain an award-winning team


Angela Gutierrez

Dance team members practice their technique after school in the dance room. The dancers prepare for their homecoming performance that was choreographed by all the team members. “We’re ready to perform!” (Melanie Davila, Alina Carcido, Allyson Kriezel)

Angela Gutierrez, Performing Arts Reporter

The homecoming football game is coming up on October 11 and we can expect a great performance from our award-winning dance team. The dance team has recently begun working on their performance and are preparing to surprise the crowd once more. The captains have stressed how important communication is with this dance, and how they plan to execute it.

This year the team is planning to do a jazz routine with some hip-hop elements included. This showcase is the first of the school year, and the entire team has contributed to the choreography, so the excitement to preform at the game is through the roof. Each dance typically takes about three weeks to perfect, and preparations have just come underway.

Less than a month away from the homecoming game the dancers practice after school.The team stretches before beginning practice where they perfect their dance. “Teamwork is everything to us” (Melannie Davila) Photo Courtesy of Angela Gutierrez.

When the three captains (Melannie Davila, Alina Carcido and Allyson Kriezel) were asked how important communication is when it comes to dancing as a team they responded unanimously with “very important.” Communication is especially important for them with this piece because they choreographed the dance themselves, rather than with the coaches. The team has come across some issues with team bonding but they have quickly recovered and are back on their feet again.

If there’s a lot of drama amongst the team then you don’t dance as good as you would if everyone is on good terms so its better to have good communication and dance as one

— Melannie Davila, Dance Team Captain

“Being loyal to your team” is what makes a team work the way it should, according to dance team captain, Allyson Kriezel. The emphasis they put on team bonding is obviously well placed when seeing the team dance together. There is no doubt that they will pull through like they have done in the past, and continue to do so dance after dance.