Homecoming: Theme, Court, and Final Decisions

Gary Garcia, Reporter

Don Lugo’s Homecoming events are coming up! The theme for this year’s homecoming is set to be Old Hollywood, specifically from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. ASB is currently working on, and deciding, if each graduate class will have a specific time era or any specific criteria to follow. Along with this, class nominations are being counted to begin the road to learning the 2019 Homecoming Court.

ASB, along with Ms. Rigo-Witt, are looking forward to having a great Homecoming dance, and other Homecoming festivities this year. When Ms Rigo-Witt was asked if she thinks the students will have fun at Homecoming, she replied enthusiastically,” I hope so, all of ASB and leadership have worked really hard on this, and it’s the biggest, and only dance on the campus so we want to make it the most memorable as we can for everyone attending the dance.” Supervision will remain the same as previous years. This year’s homecoming will be on October 12 and be held in the gym as usual.