President Biden Introduces New Vaccine Plan

AFP via Getty Images

President Biden being sworn in as president in office. (Photo Courtesy of

Gary Garcia, Editor

Starting a presidency with an ongoing pandemic isn’t always an ideal situation. Although the time is very unprecedented, the President seems to be making efficient changes that loom too benefit the health and safety for the American people. President Joe Biden has come up with a plan of three steps to deal with this ongoing pandemic in efforts to spreading vaccines across America.

His first step is to increase the minimum weekly shipment amount of vaccines from 8.6 million to 10 million. Increasing the minimum amount of vaccines will help spread the vaccine all across the nation. Spreading the vaccine leads to the total number of Corona Virus cases dropping because of the effective vaccine.

Next, Biden and his administration guaranteed these numbers of vaccines to be shipped. After many complaints of Trump’s administration not consistently shipping out the number of vaccines they were supposed to, Biden and his administration have planned to do the opposite and consistently ship out the minimum amount of vaccines requested.

Finally, the federal government purchased 200 million additional doses from the top vaccine marketers, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech. The federal government purchasing 200 million additional doses ensures that the government has enough doses to inoculate the entire American public with two doses by the end of the summer.

The surplus of doses is great for the country to limit and hopefully stop the spread of the Corona Virus. What seems like ten years of quarantine and no hope for Corona Virus cases to slow down, the plan President Joe Biden and his administration look to be a sign of new hope and new faith to return to how American everyday life used to be like. President Joe Biden and his administration are also displaying how they trust what science can do and how science can help the nation, unlike what the previous President and his administration said in regards to science.