An Athlete’s Ultimate Loss



Soccer player getting ready to throw the ball in from the sidelines. (Photo courtesy of Pikist)

Gary Garcia, Sports Editor

With the loss of sports certainly seeming to become a reality, an athlete’s life may not be the same without sports. Sports play a major role in a student-athlete’s life and without them, the aspirations of an athlete could dramatically shift. Stephen Cabrera, a senior student-athlete at Don Lugo, stated, “I would feel really disappointed and upset. I would be upset because all the work I’ve put in my freshman year would just be thrown away.”

An athlete’s life revolves around sports, to work everyday towards becoming better, faster, and stronger than you were the day before isn’t a simple task to be consistent in. Working out and practicing everyday becomes part of an athlete’s everyday life and if there were no sports the amount of free time an athlete would have seems endless. Athletes would turn to jobs and other activities just to fill the void of free time. J.T. Cortinas who is a senior student-athlete at Don Lugo stated,” If there were no sports I would spend more time practicing how to play the guitar and probably, eventually get a job.”

With no sports workouts or practice would make you question yourself,” What am I even working out for?” or, “Where is this going to get me?” All hope and goals an athlete once had would be thrown out the window. Sure you can benefit from staying fit and in shape, but it will only get you motivated for only so much time. Sports feed on that motivation and essentially make you a better overall person.

Not only do sports influence how hard you work on the field, but sports also drive your dedication to perform well in the classroom. Sports motivate you to do good in class and keep up with your grades to make sure you’re eligible to play sports. Ellie Garcia, a senior student-athlete at Don Lugo, stated, “I would definitely be less motivated to do school work without a sports season. Virtual school is already very hard and depriving itself the addition of no sports season would make it ten times worse.”

Without sports, part of an athlete’s life would just be thrown away, and the motivation for school and working out would follow along with it. Sports make up athletes and athletes keep sports apart of their life, without one another neither of them would exist.