Halloween fun should be stayed indoors for at least this year



Jack-O-Lanterns sitting on front porch of a house. (Photo Courtesy: Pexels.com)

Gary Garcia, Editor

Although Halloween is arguably the best holiday, and many have picked out their costumes for this day, we should have this year off. Halloween is considered to be of the most anticipated celebrations every year, however with an ongoing pandemic we thought would’ve ended 6 months ago, I think it is best to hold celebrations to a minimum this year.

I understand it is hard to hold back from seeing kids go around grabbing candy from the neighborhood and stop a tradition we have seemingly done our whole lives due to an uncalled for pandemic, we must also understand that this puts those same kids and the community at risk of contracting the virus. We all want this virus to go away as soon as possible so we can continue what our normal life was like, and I believe the strongest act we can take as a community is resist the temptation and enjoy other Halloween activities such as a scary movie at home, carving pumpkins, or bring candy home for the kids to eat and enjoy while you do other activities.

I think it is important if we take this year safely since we obviously want COVID to go away.

— Ezequiel Hernandez

It may not be the best, most exciting Halloween we’ve had in our lives, but this year has not been at all what we ever expected any year to be. If we can just control ourselves for Halloween this year maybe we can see lower cases of the virus and maybe be even see so much improvement that we can safely enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year with our families.

If you do plan to celebrate Halloween as year’s past, whether it’s trick or treating or a small gathering, CDC guidelines encourage you to  provide and carry hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol and wear a mask or stay socially distanced as much as you can.  Now it is nothing new to what we’ve heard recently, it is still very important to take as much precaution as we can.