Femineers, the newest and most ambitious club in the LEAD academy


Photo Courtesy of: Saslaya Baca

Aiden Deming, Tech Reporter

Recently, the LEAD Academy has worked with Cal Poly to bring the Femineers club to Don Lugo in an ambitious effort to seek out female individuals interested in science, technology, the arts, mathematics and engineering projects. The president of this new club, Alexia Santhez, has undergone great advancements to bring the program to Don Lugo. The purpose of their club is to help female students get potentially interested in science and engineering, as well as into programs such as STEM, STEAM, and LEAD.

The club is not exclusively for females, it is also open to males and anyone interested in supporting the club. The Femineers meet after school on Thursdays for many upcoming and planned engineering projects, though sadly no announcements have been made on these upcoming projects. The Femineers club is in no way split or separate from the LEAD academy/program, the club is considered to an extension to the LEAD program.

The Femineers club caters to the growing interest in science and technology on campus, and provides resources to an underrepresented group on campus. This club’s goal of widening the spectrum of representation and giving everyone a comfortable environment to expand on their passions is admirable.  If you’re interested make sure to check out this growing club and support your fellow Don Lugo engineers.