Captivating The Lazy In All Of Us; Drama Department Begins Their Newest Production


Eddie Lillie, one of the three actors to play the lead role of Eric, A.K.A. the couch potato. Photo courtesy of Karly Ortiz.

Karly Ortiz, Managing Editor

Don Lugo’s theater department has a history of successful plays such as The Grimm Brothers Spectaculathon, 12 Angry Jurors and Story Time with Don Lugo – Children’s Theater. If you’ve seen any of these, you know the talent that comes out of this program and how they never fail to enrapture an audience; This year will be no different. Starting November 29 and carrying into that weekend the theater program will perform a comedic script about someone easy to relate to…a couch potato.

The plot is focused on the main character Eric, an intelligent college graduate that refuses to leave the couch and put his knowledge to use. Using dry humor and philosophical reasoning to justify this, Eric struggles to understand the frustration of his sister, Lucy, her boyfriend Tom, and eventually, a new couple who moves into the apartment. Although the main character is highly intelligent and has a college degree, he has philosophical reasons for not wanting to find a job, making the play more interesting and definitely shedding comedic light on such a relatable topic.

Eddie Lillie, one of the actors playing the main role of Eric, compares the play’s humor to shows like “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” in the way that they aren’t punch line heavy but incorporates humor more naturally.

Justin Lagunes, playing the lead role of Eric in the Brown Cast. Photo courtesy of Karly Ortiz.

This play differs from past productions by the drama department because it is a one-act (only thirty-two minutes) that has three different casts. But perhaps the biggest difference is that the drama department teamed up with culinary students to provide dinner before the show. Need ideas for date night? Lugo’s your place.

I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if every night you could see a different actor bring their spice or their flavor to that character”

— Mrs. Deming, Director of Couch Potato

The drama department decided to perform this play when an advanced theater student, Danielle Ortiz, directed this play as her final project last year. Deming says that by the end of the production she had forgotten she was watching a one-act, and she wanted more, hence why it is being performed this year.

Eddie Lillie, playing the lead role of Eric in the White Cast. Photo courtesy of Karly Ortiz.

One of the lead actors playing Eric, Eddie Lillie, expressed how excited he is to share such a relatable character with our school, stating that “It’s easier to adapt to a character you so closely sympathize with”. As opposed to Eddie’s past role in 12 Angry Jurors, where he played the protagonistic juror who relentlessly convinces 11 jurors of a murderer’s innocense. He believes this role will be much more natural to play and recommends it to those who have, “watched “The Office” twelve times over.” Eddie believes Lugo students will relate with the main character so devoutly, he even went as far as to relate himself to Eric.

I’m pretty much him, just a lot more productive. I do have a job. ”

— Eddie Lilly

Aiden Deming, who is making his debut as a lead actor who is also playing Eric, expressed how surprised he was to have gotten the role but is confident about his performance.

Aiden Deming, playing the lead role of Eric in the Gold Cast. Photo courtesy of Karly Ortiz.

He mentioned how being lazy has reached an all-time high amongst young adults and suggests that this play will not only bring self-awareness but also allow the audience to laugh at themselves and their behaviors. Aiden’s excitement to perform was obvious when he said, “What excites me the most is just how people can relate to each character.”

Be sure to support each cast, and see a different perspective of the production each night. The White Cast is; Eddie Lillie as Eric, Andreia Sales as Lucy, Olivia Ellis as Nancy, German Matias as Dan and Ethan Ravenstein as Tom. The Brown Cast is; Justin Lagunes as Eric, Krista Tillet as Lucy, Mya Salazar as Nancy, German Matias as Dan and Jacob Thomas as Tom. The Gold Cast is; Aiden Deming as Eric, Danielle Ortiz as Lucy, Natalie Lambert as Nancy, German Matias as Dan and Ethan Ravenstein as Tom. Make sure to purchase tickets to a full weekend of this production. Tickets for both dinner and the show and just the show go on sale November 15.