Video Game Club: My Nerd Culture Exposed


Photo By: Pexels (public domain photo credit)

Aiden Deming, Tech Reporter

As a new freshman to the Don Lugo campus, I wondered and hoped for a club that spoke my language of nerd culture.

When I found out about video game club, I was excited that there could be people like me, conversationalists that obsess over games of all types, gamers hidden away in the dark depths of vault 101. However, the video game club is much closer than the capital wasteland of Washington DC.

Along the corridor, across from the library, Mr. Swift advises the video game club in room 71, but more importantly, he plays host to the gamers of Don Lugo High School. Thursday’s during lunch is the hotspot for both small-minded and large-minded nerds on campus; I being one of them.

When it comes to clubs, new students don’t typically know what to join.

I consider myself lucky to have learned about video game club early in the school year. I think it’s not only a great way to get involved, but it’s also an opportunity to really understand the nuances of video game culture.

Mr. Swift explained, “Video game clans are part of my vision for video game club. Tournaments would be a cool way to take video game club to the next level.”

Gaming? Tournaments? Competing? SIGN ME UP!

As soon as I heard Mr. Swift explain his plans for this year, I couldn’t wait for the next meeting. As if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Swift also has classic gaming consoles and games in his classroom.

When was the last time you played an NES console? How about never!  

I think students will like being able to take a break from their academic day to play video games at school! I also think they’ll enjoy playing the classic games.

We already know there’s a population of gamers on campus that can’t wait to get home and join another server. Video game club is like the mothership for geeks and nerds alike. I encourage anyone interested in gaming to check out the video game club. Their unique approach to bringing students together comes from the simple passion to play a video game, and who knows, you too may find your home amongst the ultimate nerds on campus…gamers.