Lugo casts their votes


Info Graphic created by: Natalie West

The students on the Don Lugo campus have spoken about who they want as their next president. They had to choose between Clinton, Trump, or “other.” Out of the 115 votes the majority of the votes went towards “other.”

Aryana Nunez, Editor

Election day is here and Don Lugo students have spoken out on who they believe the next President should be. There have been many controversial statements said by the two candidates, yet it has not swayed the opinion of the students on campus. Lugo students had the option of choosing between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and “other.”

Seniors and Juniors particpated in the poll, with the majority selecting, “other.” Out of 115 total students, most of the students did not feel comfortable about leaving their future in the hands of Clinton or Trump. Suprisingly, Lugo would rather be governed by an unknown candidate than Clinton or Trump.

While majority of the senior class is able to particpate in this years election, they feel as if it doesn’t matter because America is “screwed” either way. Many debates and dicussions rose between who should be the next president throughout the day in senior classes. Lugo has spoken and now it is up to the rest of the American citizens to choose the president for the next four years.