First presidential debate

Info Graphic created by: Natalie West

Moderator, Lester Holt is preparing for tonight’s debate. Tonight is expected to be the most watched debate in television history with 100 million viewers. Tune in on for the live stream event.

Natalie West, News editor

The first presidential debate begins tonight between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton at Hofstra University. The debate starts at 9 p.m. on any major network or can be live streamed on social media. Trump and Clinton will be asked various questions about United States issues.

The rules of the debate are simple: six segments of 15 minutes with 2 minutes answers from each candidate.  The discussion will be covering many topics such as any ambiguities they have that haven’t been stated before and many more. Some propositions tonight will be on key issues, including immigration, health care, gun control, abortion rights and foreign policy.

The fire will be fueling hotter than ever with close ties in polls between the candidates. Clinton is leading Trump by 2.5 percentage points. The next two presidential debates will be on October 9th and 19th.