Milkcan spirit week begins


Courtesy of Aryana Nunez

Monday’s relay race represented a Military obstacle course. Lugo student, Jimmy Hull wins the first relay race of the week. The purpose of the game of the day was, “Let’s train hard to get the can.”

Natalie West, News Editor

Don Lugo students have begun preparing for the annual 2016 Milkcan by rallying school spirit before Friday’s big game. ‘Spirit week’ is a five day celebration where each day of the week is celebrated with a new and different event. Emily Wiseman comments, “Lugo’s spirit this year is awesome! Spirit week has definitely been a big help in preparing us for Milkcan.”

Don Lugo kicked off the week with “Camouflage Day” on Monday, Tuesday was “Dress Like a Superhero Day”, Wednesday was “Dress in White,” and Thursday was, “Dress like a Cow: Wear Black and White.” The most anticipated spirit day was Friday,”Wear your Milkcan Shirt” where students from Lugo make their own unique shirts to represent their school pride for the Milkcan Game.

ASB was committed to hyping up the student body with week long lunch time activities and classroom interruptions. ASB invaded 4th period classes with speakers, chanting, and clapping in an attempt to reach as many students as possible with a promise that the excitement was only going to lead to an energized and spirited Milkcan game.