Don Lugo Welcomes New Staff Members


Alondra Navarrete

Mrs. Scott takes a quick break from work to pose for Lugo, while Coach Gano prepares for Lugo’s first football game. Mrs. Scott wants to know Lugo better stating, “I hope all students are open so I can have a good relationship with them.” These are two out of our new seven staff members.

Alondra Navarrete and Natalie West

Don Lugo High school welcomes the addition of 7 new staff members: Special Education Teacher, Matthew Lemon, Math teacher, David Lee, Avid and Athletic P.E. teacher, Phil Garcia, Agriculture teacher, Alyssa Berry, ROP welding teacher, Jessica Carter, varsity football coach, Greg Gano, and Assistant Principal, Temple Scott.

All current students and teachers are excited to see what they will bring to Lugo this upcoming year. Phil Garcia’s aim is to improve the Avid department, commenting, “Not only do I want people to know that Don Lugo has a good academic program but that we have a great Avid program.” Coach Gano, is confident in making the varsity football team the best they can be, “My goal is to bring a CIF championship this year to Don Lugo.” exclaimed Gano.

Mrs. Scott says, “This school has a vision of excellence, I will love being able to assist in making that happen for us.” Don Lugo unequivocally has new inspiring motivators for the student body.