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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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DLHS senior Marcos Ramirez watching the Now And Then music video
Now and Then... The Beatles May Not Be Enough
Nickolas Morales, Features Writer • November 29, 2023

Two weeks ago, on November 2nd 2023, The Beatles released "Now and Then," their first song in 27 years. After giving it time to settle, I think...

Don Lugo wide receiver being tackled.
Don Lugo 2023 Football Season
Chase Davis, Sports Writer • November 29, 2023

Don Lugo's Football season comes to an end in the second round of CIF against Coachella Valley's team. The Don Lugo football team definitely...

The Wish You Well Club making friendship bracelets during a meeting.
Don Lugo's Wish You Well Club
Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer • November 17, 2023

The Wish You Well Club has made its debut on Don Lugo’s campus! The new club focuses on mental health and creating safe spaces for all students....

SmartPass: The New Bathroom Procedure

Dyllan Cruz
A bathroom pass in the process of being created using the SmartPass website.

Last month, Don Lugo enacted a new policy that all students are to follow when leaving during class. Whether it be to the restroom, the counselor’s office, or to another teacher’s classroom, students are required to use the SmartPass site to make a virtual pass. 

When a student wants to leave class for any reason, there is a standard procedure to follow. The student will need to go to their Classlink page on their phone or Chromebook, where they will find the SmartPass website and they should be automatically logged in. The student will then create a pass, select the room they are currently in, select the place on campus where they want to go, and how long they need to go round-trip. The next step is to request the pass from the teacher of the class they are in and the teacher can accept or decline the pass from their own computers. If the pass is accepted, the student is free to leave and return under the amount of time selected for their pass. When the student returns, they will close the pass. 

Among the new policy, there has been a wide range of complaints from students. Some common criticisms have been about the timer. Students say five minutes is not enough time to use the restroom. Depending on where you are on campus, a round-trip to the only open restroom will typically take longer than five minutes. Students also say that possible bathroom lines are not being considered. Some say that the SmartPass is too much work to simply use the restroom. Others say that it will interrupt class time as the teacher will need to stop whatever they’re doing to accept the pass.

AP English and ERWC teacher, Mrs. Lord commented, “As with most new things, it becomes slightly more problematic at first, until we work out the kinks. Once we work out the kinks and we figure out what works, what doesn’t, then we can usually find a system that works. So initially it might cause some anxiety and difficulties, but if we can track that and refine it, then we can eliminate most of the problems.”

But like every policy enacted, there are goals behind it. The new SmartPass system can keep records of how often a student uses the restroom and helps to discourage unnecessary bathroom usage. Only time can tell how well this new system works among students.

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Dyllan Cruz is a first-year writer for Quest News and a senior at Don Lugo High School. She enjoys writing about relevant topics that keep people informed. She is currently writing in different genres as she enjoys covering a multitude of topics relating to music, movies, and overall pop culture. Dyllan hopes to gain more experience in writing as it is a passion she has never explored in depth. Throughout the year, she will continue to strive to write quality articles that people will enjoy.

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