Dance room renovations


Picture of the dance room’s renovation progress so far.

Bee Lara, News Editor

If you’ve passed by the dance room on campus, you might’ve noticed a few cars parked around it and wondered why they’re there. Well, it’s because the dance room is getting renovations! Due to this, the dance room has been closed off for all students and therefore the dance students are currently having their classes and practices in the spirit room.  Though the students miss the familiarity of the dance room, the wait will surely be worth it!

According to Mrs. Avery, the dance teacher here at Lugo, the room has likely stayed the same since it was first built, “I have no idea when the last time the dance room got renovations was. I actually think the room is the original room that was built back when the school was built. I graduated in 2007 and the room has not been changed since my Freshman year and I think long before that.”

I am hoping the room will be done by early December. I was told probably around Thanksgiving but that was not a definitive timeline

— Mrs. Avery

There were quite a few things that needed fixing: the lighting, the spacing, and the flooring, though the renovations are not limited to only this. The floors will be renovated, the walls will be painted, new lights and cabinets will be installed, and the stairs will be removed in order to provide more space in the room. 

The students are excited but patiently waiting for the green light to go back to the dance room. There is no set date for when the room will be ready for the students to go back, however there is an estimate for around late November to December.