New Lugo coin rewards


Bee Lara

Close up picture of Mr. Crisafi handing a student a Lugo coin.

Bee Lara, News Editor

PBIS is a group effort, so every time a student or staff member has a good idea, we revamp the rewards to incorporate that

— Mrs. Lord

Lugo coins have been a system of rewards for students in Don Lugo since the 2019-2020 school year. Recently, the rewards for said Lugo coins have changed and are still subject to change. PBIS coordinator, Mrs. Lord, mentioned the change having to do with new ideas, a balance between having short and long goal rewards, the addition of raffle prizes, and a balance between high and low cost rewards since they’re all being paid for with ASB funds and a bit of money from other related school budgets.

As of right now, there are eleven rewards available for students to get in exchange for their coins during this school year. The reward’s prices range from ten to sixty Lugo coins; reminder that they all must be signed by the teacher or staff that awarded you the coin and must have your name on all of them. 

For 10 Lugo coins, you can either get a homework pass, due date extension, or a raffle ticket. For the assignment rewards, you must have a teacher’s permission to receive the pass or extension. As for the raffle ticket, there are three possible prizes if your raffle ticket gets chosen: Donoho’s VIP parking spot for two weeks, a free dance ticket, or a VIP seating for up to 5 family and friends at the graduation ceremony. There will only be two drawings total for both the dance ticket and the graduation ceremony seating. 

For 15 coins, you’ll get $1 student store credit excluding drinks, and for 20 coins you’ll get VIP field access to a game with a friend. 

For 25 coins, you can skip to the front of the lunch or student store line with a friend for a week, have an extended lunch at some point during the 6 week grading period , or have access to the Starbucks coffee bar & pastry that takes place once per 6 week grading period. 

For 40 coins, you can receive a free DAL hat or beanie, or get $5 student store credit, drinks excluded. 

For 50 coins, you earn a whole pizza; the pizza must be ordered in advance. 

For 60 coins, you’ll get a 25% discount on a dance or event ticket.

Students must go to ASB to exchange their coins for a reward since all redemptions go through the ASB office. Students are also able to donate coins and raffle tickets to one another if they choose to, but the name of the student turning it in must be on the coin.