The Interact Club actively works on helping students cope with their mental health struggles

The interact club members gather together in a zoom meeting.

Photo Courtesy: Cheyenne Hernandez

The interact club members gather together in a zoom meeting.

Kirsten Flores, Features Reporter

Don Lugo’s Highschool students ranging from Freshmen to Seniors struggle with their mental health during quarantine because of the disconnection and lack of socialization students are facing.

With students still recovering from the chaotic year that was 2020, it can be difficult to maintain composure during these troubling times. Not being able to socialize with friends, peers, and faculty leave some students feeling overall disconnected from Don Lugo High School. Though 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, the Interact Club has made it their priority to make sure they are here for the students who are struggling with their mental health.

I can’t stress this enough. We highly encourage you ALL to utilize these resources to your advantage. We are very excited for this project to finally be up and running as it is a website created BY students FOR students!”

— Sophia Vasquez

The Interact Club is a community-service-based volunteer club sponsored by the local Rotary program, it is focused on making a difference in the community through a variety of activities. Throughout the school year, they have focused their attention on community and school-related projects such as creating cards for the elderly, volunteering at Food For Life, and organizing/donating to various drives (food, clothing, etc.) Alexis Guzman says, “We hope that once we get back on campus, we can continue finding unique ways to help students at Don Lugo, develop a partnership with our feeder schools, and reach out to the community.”

The Interact Club also has an Instagram page where they post motivational quotes to help students get through their day and are in the midst of working on a website that is designed to help students cope with mental struggles that they may face.

Cheyenne Hernadez says, “I feel that it’s important to preface this by stating, if you are struggling with depression or any other mental health issues, please reach out to speak with someone or a trained professional, there is help out there, and you are not alone.” Don Lugo offers a variety of counselors for specific graduation years if Don Lugo students are struggling with their mental health or just need someone to talk to. Students can contact these counselors on the Don Lugo website.

 The website will contain podcasts, tips, and playlists that are created by students in the club. These are created to help students cope with their mental illness that they are struggling with. Cheyenne Hernandez speaks from her own experience and says,” From dealing with anxiety myself, I have developed a routine for when I feel

The Interact Club is at the Food Drive packaging boxes. (Photo Courtesy: Cheyenne Hernandez)

overwhelmed that consists of a breathing routine, listening to music, meditation, journaling, or other activities that I am aware help calm me down in that situation.”

The Interact Club is doing its best to help the students healthily cope with their mental health struggles while continuously giving back to their community. Sophia Vasquez says, “If you have any questions, suggestions, or commentary, please feel free to contact us through our club Instagram @dlhsinteractclub. Let’s do this Conquistadors!”