‘LuGO to college’ prepares seniors for the upcoming months of application deadlines


Chloe Austin

Informational flyers about different colleges and universities displayed on the table with college pennants hung on the wall above them. “I promised that when I became a teacher, I would make sure that any seniors I had wouldn’t go through the same experiences I did,” shared Mrs. Deming.

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor

With application deadlines right around the corner, ‘LuGO to college’ will provide seniors with extra support to help them through the application process. It will also help students to create a plan for after graduation and cut their research time in half. The first meeting will be held Monday, October 4 during lunch in room 24.  

Many seniors lack the information they need to help them formulate a plan for life after high school. Not only do some seniors not have a plan, but there are also many students who are first-generation college students. They are lost and need guidance to help clear up common misconceptions about college.

Those of you who don’t have a plan in place, you must get it together, you cannot wait until January, you must start moving.

— Dr. Wong

‘LuGO to college’ will help students discover what their priorities are and what colleges are a good fit for them. The resources provided in this new program will speed up the research process and give students the information they need to help make a decision in what schools to apply to. “I know that if you’re not an AVID student you guys don’t have the support you need to apply to college,” said Mrs. Deming, the senior class advisor. 

AVID students or not, all seniors are able to get the information they need to be successful through ‘LuGo to college’. With the help of CollegeVine; which will be further explored in the new program, students will have a solid plan laid out. The next step in ‘Lugo to college’ will be how to fill out common applications and the steps to apply for financial aid. 

“I see students quick to close the door on the four year college because of the financial aspect, but having not yet heard back from the FAFSA on what they would receive, in terms of financial aid” said Mr. DeLeon, one of the Don Lugo Counselors. Seniors should not feel limited due to financial circumstances because there are many opportunities for students to apply for financial aid and receive free money for college. ‘LuGO to college’ will help seniors understand FAFSA and how to apply for financial aid. 

Mrs. Deming, Mr. Cantos, and Mr. Garcia are eager to open their doors Mondays during lunch to help the class of 2022 be prepared for after graduation. “It will provide more support, more space for students to get information, and understand and be able to find help on certain things,” said Mr. DeLeon. With support from counselors and ‘LuGO to college’, seniors can graduate Don Lugo confident in what their future entails by having a solid plan laid out.