With the return of injured players, the water polo team aims for CIF rings


Photo by Chloe Austin

Don Lugo boys water polo team playing one of their non-league games as they prepare for the season. “We are striving to get better as a team and make a comeback on our season,” says Erik Valle, 11

Isabella Franco, News Reporter

The Don Lugo water polo team are looking to come back stronger than they did last year and are excited for the return of some of their injured players.

 The team practices every week for about 2 and half to 3 hours Monday through Friday. They are striving to win league and get another CIF ring under their belt. “We plan on pushing ourselves harder and striving for those dubs this year,” said Erik Valle, a junior at Don Lugo high school.

Most players are feeling very confident about their team and have very high expectations for themselves. “We are getting most of our players back and are getting ready to come back and beat these teams,” said Paul Mcnaughton a senior on the water polo team.

A lot of the players are excited about starting their season, especially with the return of some teammates. “We are starting to practice on our shooting at practices so that we can shoot at the games,” said Valle. Erik is feeling very confident about his team and thinks that if the team and himself starts to practice on shooting they will start doing well at their games and score more goals.

“We are hoping to bounce back with being league champs and getting a CIF ring” said Mcnaughton. All the players are very excited about  their new season and are ready to get back into the water to compete against other teams. “We are ready to play more games then we did last year, because during COVID we had a 3 game season” said Valle. 

Last year, the water polo team had a very short season due to the pandemic and did not get to experience the complete thrill of competing. They practiced two to three times a week and played 3 games in the 2 weeks that they were able to play. With returning players and more practice, they are striving for a better season and are getting ready to go against the competition they didn’t get the chance to go against last season.