The continuous reinforcement of Lugo coins motivates students to strive for a prize


Isabella Franco

A list of some of the prizes you can get when you collect your Lugo coins. “I will start collecting all my Lugo Coins so that I can start getting prizes,” said Jade Galan.

Isabella Franco, News Reporter

Lugo coins are a fun way for students to earn incentives for being respectful, responsible, and involved. The Lugo coin program first started during the 2020-2021 school year, which many underclassmen did not get a chance to participate in. This school year, teachers are encouraged to continue passing out Lugo coins to motivate their students in and out of the classroom.

Students can get Lugo coins for participating in classes when teachers ask them for the answer. Students can also receive Lugo coins for helping out around the campus and cleaning up. Many students do not know what Lugo coins are, for example our freshman and sophomores have not been on campus to experience the Lugo coin incentive.  It influences the school culture in a positive way to have more kids involved.

Most students that know about Lugo coins are the seniors and juniors on campus. Many students enjoyed getting the coins to purchase a prize of their liking, homecoming tickets can even be purchased with Lugo coins. For example if you get 3 Lugo Coins for participating and go turn them into ASB you can get a gift card to Yougurtland.

However, there is a lack of interest from teachers to continue passing out Lugo coin. “Only one of my teachers gives out Lugo Coins , most of them do not talk about Lugo Coins or mention them,” said Luke Kemble, a senior at Don Lugo high school. Most teachers do not talk about Lugo coins because they forget throughout the day, especially since we were on distance learning for a whole year they forgot that they are able to give it to their students in class.

“I participate in class thinking that I am going to be able to get a Lugo Coin and save up for them but none of my teachers ever talk about them,” said Jade Galan a junior at Don Lugo high school. The list of rewards can change depending on the demand of the incentive.  There is even a prize where if you get at least 30 coins you can eat lunch with the principal. 

Lugo coins are not just free rewards handed out to students, they push students to want to be more involved and participate in class. They also motivate students to strive for an incentive and work hard. The previous school year may have prohibited students from receiving Lugo coins, but now that we are back on campus it is important for teachers to pass out Lugo coins once again.