Work study proves to be beneficial for employed students


Photo Courtesy: Chloe Austin

Work study students get their homework and classwork completed while in class. Emilio Vera, a senior in work study, says, “It is a lot of work but at the end it made me more responsible for the future.”

Faith Tumbos, News Reporter

About 30% of high school students are now employed with a part-time job to support their endeavors. A couple of students in work-study were asked how having a job affects their life as a whole. Although these students have different working experiences they are positive that work-study has been beneficial in their lives.

Emilio Vera was interviewed on how he can juggle his schedule. When asked how many hours a week he works and how his home life is affected, he responded, “I work about 20 hours a week…it is hard to balance doing homework and working but you have to just work through it.” Even with this new addition to his life, he decided to keep working and pressing forward molding him into a responsible person.

Work study provides a place to balance my school work, jobs, daily activities, and keep us on path for my future.

— Emilio Vera

Sophia Vazquez is another student in work-study that has also benefited from the class. She explains that her lifestyle is balanced because she only has four classes and her job works around her school schedule, “Throughout the day I finish my homework at school then chores at home and done with work at 9 pm” she said.

High school students not only have to juggle homework and their home responsibilities but now have a part-time jobs. Students are now working hard to pay for college and their daily necessities. Even though these two students have different schedules involving work they are both able to balance their workload.

Throughout the school year, sports along with other activities may be added to their schedule. With hard work and dedication, it is proven you can maintain a balanced lifestyle. With additions to the schedule such as sports and other activities consistency is going to be necessary, “It is a lot of work, and balancing everything is hard but you just have to be dedicated and it will be worth it” said Emilio Vera.