Renaissance is offering tutoring in all academic subjects


Photo Courtesy: Cheyanne Jauregui

Report Card represents a senior at Don Lugo that is struggling in AP English, Stats, and Gov and the teacher suggests tutoring. “I think it will help the school have higher average grades since it allows students a place to work and ask questions,” says Matthew Statler.

Faith Tumbos, News Reporter

Renaissance is currently offering to tutor all Don Lugo students and understands the struggle of taking hard classes. Academics are becoming a continuous strain on students’ minds, additional help can make sure students continue to strive for their best.

Tutoring has been offered since September 19 and takes place from 6:20 am to 7:10.  Tutoring tables are consisting of Math, English, History, Languages, and Electives. Renaissance’s students are all tutors and are there to provide additional academic support to their classmates.

As the school year progresses the classes are becoming more and more intense especially with the addition of extracurricular activities. The pressure is on to stay focused. Being top in the class, receiving awards, and getting scholarships continue to make the stress of having prestigious grades a must.

Ms. Rohrer is the Renaissance advisor and she plays a crucial role in the academic support being offered at the school. “Renaissance runs on the four S’s of student recognition, staff recognition, school spirit, and service to the community/school,” she said. They are a small part of Don Lugo but the dedication to supporting and helping our students is greatly appreciated. 

If students use the program it could really help them and can allow them to raise their grades.”

— Matthew Statler

Matthew Statler, a renaissance student, is excited to provide any type of academic help to students. “I think it will help the school have higher average grades since it allows students a place to work and ask questions,” said Mathew. He believes it will help students achieve higher grades and keep them on track for the future.  

With the new academic support from Renaissance, the students will be better prepared for their subjects and the task ahead of them. Renaissance is an important part of Don Lugo that has always and continues to support the school. Don Lugo with the help of the Renaissance is on the way to a bright future.