Don Lugo resumes conditioning & practice for Fall sports


Close-up shot of soccer player dribbling through cones. (Photo courtesy of

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

As many may know conditioning and practicing was put on hold for all football players right before Christmas break. There has been little to no hope left for football and the rest of Fall sports if they are going to have a season, but there has been a more recent chance to all of this, on February 1st, Don Lugo announced that football will be starting practice on Monday, February 8th.

There has been no confirmation if Fall sports is going to have an official 2020-2021 season. However, having practice now is giving athletes some bit of hope that Fall sports will at least see an actual season. Varsity football athlete, Luke Kemble states, “I feel good about us returning because it gives the players something to do and it does give me a sense of hope because it’s a step by step process and this is the first step to getting back into football.”

Players have been waiting for this moment to arise, but not all student athletes are that confident about practice returning. Joshua Julien a JV/Varsity football player confirms,

I’m not that excited for football to come back, we are already really late in the year and haven’t had a lot of time to practice and condition. It doesn’t bring me hope that there will be a season to play because of how late we are into the year and there is still a lot of Covid-19 cases in the Inland Empire.

— Joshua Julien

Joshua may have a point, if there is a season there is little to no time to start practicing. Players will be under much pressure to get skills and plays in order. Luckily, if players  start now there is an opportunity to get address concerns and practice as a team to make this season a reality.