How our city contributes to High School Sports


Dylan Young

Picture of Don Lugo football game from he stands. (Photo Courtesy of Dylan Young)

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

Our City contributes to our school districts in many ways, one important group is our Chino Police Department. They arrange security during school sports events. This is planned to meet expectations for both the families and school staff. The benefit is to assist in keeping things organized and crime free.

Cory Freedle, a Chino Police Officer, explains how an officer is able to go and monitor a Football game or any sports game, “There is usually an SRO (School Resource Officer) assigned to each school. Usually games like Milk Can or Rivalry games we would want to be there due to the past and the potential of a fights breaking out. So usually they will ask officers if they want to work it to increase the police presence or to be there if something does happen.”

Officers are not always at games, but just big ones that have a large capacity or ones that they know the fans do not like each other. Protocols that Cory has stated “We usually will place officers on each side to monitor the audience and sometimes the players. We will continue to walk back and forth from the snack bar and the sidelines.”  These are some steps taken and managed throughout events and preorganized within the Police administration.

Officers have many concerns when it comes to these big games, Officer Freedle explains “During halftime there will be more Officers by the snack bar because in the past fans have thrown bottles, globs of ketchup etc., back and forth which raises frustration for parents or families who are there just to watch there kids play.” Rivalry games are known for having intense games not just from the players but from the fans as well. “Another concern is once the game concludes we want to make sure everyone gets home safe and not start any fights.

Our ultimate goal is to be there to make sure everyone is safe.

— Cory Freedle

,” Officer Freedle states.  It is important during sports events to have security to insure families, friends and players are able to enjoy themselves.