Students are given another option for their yearbook pictures due to a decrease in participation in this years yearbook


Photo curtesy: Camila Aguero- Salas

A spreadsheet of empty portrait photos that are yet to be filled with student pictures. (Photo courtesy: Camila Aguero- Salas)

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor

The feeling of disconnectivity in virtual learning is mutual among Don Lugos students. Resulting in the yearbook staff having to witness a large decrease in student participation in this years 2020-2021 yearbook. There has been less participation this year more than any other year. Out of 1600 underclassmen, only 300 participated in taking their yearbook photo.

Students who have not taken their pictures will still have an opportunity to appear in the yearbook. They can upload a photo of them-self on the Balfour Image Share App which is available through the Apple Store and Google Play. The project number is 129728. The photo should be portrait-styled with no hands, fingers, or hats in the frame. The deadline to get a photo in is January 29th. Mrs. Deming understands that students “need to see the yearbook to be excited about it” but without communication from the students, it is difficult to put together a memorable yearbook.

Camila Aguero-Salas, the yearbook managing editor, says, “This book is quite literally made of student life and memories and because of everyone learning virtually the only way we can really get quotes and pictures from students is through their student email.” This has been a difficult challenge the yearbook staff has been facing because many students forget to check their student email and/or do not feel a need to check their email. However, the platform of communication has changed and the use of student emails is not being utilized to it’s fullest extent.

The lack of involvement has affected the yearbook tremendously

— Camila Aguero-Salas

The yearbook is meant to be filled with student memories but without student voices, it is not possible. Despite the unfortunate circumstances everyone is facing it is important that students remain involved. To achieve this goal students need to maintain communication with peers and check their student emails more frequently. “We’re putting a lot of work into the yearbook, so I hope in the future, students will feel more motivated to help put the yearbook together,” says Camila Aguero-Salas.