A noncompetitive replacement for high school sports


Max Cantos

Max Cantos dropping in on a wave. The waves were very bad that day according to Max. ” (Photo Courtesy of Max Cantos)

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

As we know there are many student athletes in high school that play competitive sports, with sports ranging from golf to football, there is always a lot of students who participate in these sports. However with no progress for a sign of competitive sports in full effect this year, students have found alternatives to keep them busy.

Noncompetitive sports are supposed to be relaxing or be take as a hobby. However, in high school they seem overshadowed by competitive sports that get the most attention. Noncompetitive sports like hiking, surfing or skiing deserve some recognition as they play an important role in a students’ life outside the campus.

Many students like the idea noncompetitive sports because they don’t like the stress of competitive sports or all of the rules that they have to follow from coaches or worrying about getting scouted by college coaches. Travis Baucher a freshman at Don Lugo High school that likes to snowboard on his free time, states, “I love snowboarding because I am in control of everything like how fast I go or how far down the hill I go.

I don’t really like being on teams which is why I don’t do high school sports. I enjoy being more self reliant and not worrying about other people messing up or me messing things up for the team.

— Travis Baucher


This is common for many high school students, they don’t like to be on teams or enjoy being more self reliant. Its not just about the sports itself but the memories that they get from them with family and friends.

Another student from Don Lugo High, Max Cantos who enjoys surfing, explains, “Its different because it is just you, your board and the ocean, you don’t need a coach to yell at you or criticize your mistakes, just you. Who ever your with, and all the waves, just the feeling of catching a solid wave and surfing it the way the wave tells you to just pumps up your adrenaline and you feel stoked to be out there.” Students enjoy these activities because of the experience they get from doing these challenging sports.

A student that enjoys her free time y running and hiking, is Nicole Medina who states, “I like hiking/running because I can be alone and do my own thing, I like when I can just forget about everything else, and it’s different to me because I like just enjoying nature, and it’s my own time that I can do whatever I want when I’m out there.”

For many high school students noncompetitive sports is something that is important to their lives. It helps them forget about their everyday lives and also helps students stay active and fit especially in these hard times. As Travis states “I enjoy being more self reliant and being able to do things on my own time.”