Athletic training makes changes for upcoming season

Athletic trainer wrapping athlete’s ankle prior to game. (Photo courtesy of

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

As we know Covid-19 has really affected sports and everything surrounding it. One component that is highly overlooked are the athletic trainers. They help with accommodating athletes needs and providing safety equipment if needed. But there is a bit of a change this year regarding Covid-19 and the new rules that must be followed for those athletic trainers.

Student athletic trainer, Sara Durazo say’s “When football starts conditioning we won’t be there and during practice we won’t be bringing out the water jugs or water bottles.” How does this affect sports? Sports really count on the athletic trainers because of what they provide for athletes.

Athletic trainers specialize on prevention and recovery when or if injuries occur. Lacking games and actual practice has impacted this department but they have also been rearranged to meet the current needs. Some important rules put into place is a screening survey provided to the team members prior to each meet up and providing daily medical care with first aid kits and taping available.

Athletes will be able to go to athletic training facility for medical care. This checklist and guideline packet was provided to each player. Kim Hansen, Sports Medicine Instructor informs, “

Services we provide have changed due to the pandemic and adjustments will be made accordingly.

— Kim Hansen

” If there is a season for sports then Athletic Trainers will go back to doing what they have done before with additional rules and guide lines.

In times such as this, creating work around sports has been challenging, but the Athletic trainers and coaches have implemented alternative options to keep the players safe. “As we progress through conditioning into more traditional practices, my athletic training students will return to campus to provide help as they’ve always done”, states Kim.