Conditioning for sports give athletes hope for potential upcoming season


Photo Courtesy of Coach Gonzalez via Twitter

Coach Gano gives post-game speech after loss against Chaffey High School.

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

Student athletes have been in quarantine for 6 months and have been patiently waiting for sports to make a comeback ever since. As of October 26, the CVUSD board allowed athletes who have been cleared, to condition with their teams. With this idea kicking off, it gives coaches and athletes a sigh of relief of a sports season coming into play.

Being cleared for conditioning is a big deal for high school sports as it lets teams finally get to rejoice and get back into shape. Most importantly it sets a path and plan to how this sports year can play out. Raymond Guerra, a Track and Varsity Football athlete says,

Honestly conditioning does, it has to start somewhere and it’s gonna be baby steps getting to the season.

— Raymond Guerra

On the other hand, in a midst of a virus there are many other roadblocks that could come into play if sports do resume. Luke Kemble a Track, Basketball and Varsity Football athlete argues, “Conditioning really doesn’t because I know that flu season is coming up so there is a bigger chance that we will not have a season.” There are mixed emotions with starting conditioning for sports because of all of the guidelines that will have to be followed and it leaves athletes with more questions and less answers.

Its safe to say athletes are excited about getting a 2020-2021 season, “I am still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a season though” Luke adds.