Jock of All Trades – The Deal: “Spring Sports Update w/ Guest Hosts!” (Ep 16)

Visit Quest News on Sound Cloud to hear our podcast show, Jock of All Trades hosted by Diego Cruz and Gary Carcia.

Edward Lillie

Visit Quest News on Sound Cloud to hear our podcast show, “Jock of All Trades” hosted by Diego Cruz and Gary Carcia.

Edward Lillie, Broadcast News Editor

Did you miss what happened this week in sports on campus? Join Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia, Quest New’s Sports Editor and number one Sports Writer, as they sit down and stack the deck (summarize) for every sports game that happened Monday through Wednesday and as they make their predictions for the upcoming games on Thursday and Friday. Sit down and listen this week as guest hosts, Caleb Muro, Tosh Kuhn, and Reece Brown give you the lowdown on what’s going on in Spring sports!

While the entire Sports section this week is busy with covering such topics as national sports seasons shutting down and the start of the softball season, Edward Lillie is joined by basketball player Caleb Muro, volleyball player Tosh Kuhn, and volleyball player and track runner Reece Brown. These guest hosts bring a new look and opinion on what is going on in the spring sports thus far.

Reece leads the discussion with how he feels Boy’s Volleyball is going do in their upcoming season, starting today at 3:15 against Edgewood at Edgewood; you don’t want to miss out! Feeling good about the training thus far, veteran Junior player Tosh Kuhn is confident in the team’s ability to make it CIF and get those rings.

Caleb Muro talks about the transition he’s had from Basketball wrapping up to the Track and Field season. He sees a lot of athletic potential in the younger players from the Freshman and Sophomore class, as they take advice and lessons on how to improve their game potential from the Senior athletes.

So, whether you want the lowdown on all things Don Lugo sports or you want to hear ALL IN interviews with Don Lugo’s star athletes; Quest News’ Sports Podcasting shows, Jock of All Trades – The Deal with hosts Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia every Thursday on Soundcloud and iTunes!