Jock of All Trades – The Deal: “The Always Moving, Caleb Muro!” (Ep 11)

Visit Quest News on Sound Cloud to hear our podcast show, Jock of All Trades hosted by Diego Cruz and Gary Carcia.

Edward Lillie

Visit Quest News on Sound Cloud to hear our podcast show, “Jock of All Trades” hosted by Diego Cruz and Gary Carcia.

Edward Lillie and Diego Cruz

Did you miss what happened this week in sports on campus? Join Diego Cruz and Edward Lillie, Quest New’s Sports Editor and Broadcast News Editor and show producer, as they sit down and stack the deck (summarize) for every sports game that happened Monday through Wednesday and as they make their predictions for the upcoming games on Thursday and Friday. Sit down and listen this week as Diego Cruz sits down with new to Don Lugo, Varsity Basketball player, Caleb Muro!

Caleb Muro lets us know what its like to move from school to school. Coming from Norco, to Roosevelt, and then finally Don Lugo; Muro’s basketball career has been nothing but eventful and always moving. He compares staff and coaches from each school, describing differences in environment and play style (as each coach as his own). Caleb details the grit of what it takes to captain and help his fellow players on the court as a Junior, and if there is any downfalls of not being a Senior captain.

He also goes in-depth on his setbacks as a player, being diagnosed with seizure disorder, and what it takes to overcome such a staggering crutch as an athlete. Diego Cruz asks him how Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to him and his play style, and what Caleb took from Kobe’s on-the-court strategies and applied it to his own game. He quotes the game in 2013, where Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles’s tendon, but still threw free throws for the team to try and lead them to victory.

So, whether you want the lowdown on all things Don Lugo sports or you want to hear ALL IN interviews with Don Lugo’s star athletes; Quest News’ Sports Podcasting shows, Jock of All Trades – The Deal with hosts Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia every Thursday on Soundcloud and iTunes!