Jock of All Trades – The Deal: “The Criminally Good, Sarah Velasquez”

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Edward Lillie

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Edward Lillie and Branden Garcia

Did you miss what happened this week in sports on campus? Join Diego Cruz and Edward Lillie, Quest New’s Sports Editor and Broadcast News Editor and show producer, as they sit down and stack the deck (summarize) for every sports game that happened Monday through Wednesday and as they make their predictions for the upcoming games on Thursday and Friday. Sit down and listen this week as reporter Branden Garcia interviews the newly signed to the University of Crookston, Sarah Velasquez .

The Girls Varsity Softball player gives us the details on why the University of Crookston was the right school in her path of success. As Sarah hopes to pursue criminal justice for a career in border customs and security, she sees the responsibilities that she takes on the field as training wheels for the amount of tasks she’ll have a border customs advisers. A four year journey that led her to being one of the leading seniors on the Girls Varsity Softball team.

As her sister paved the way for her in the years before, the standards have been set pretty high and Sarah hopes to break through the roof. She discusses how supportive her parents have been through this whole process and how worried she is to be so far away from home. Between the new location, new weather, and new fields to play in; Sarah details her goals and aspirations as well as how she hopes to achieve them in her time as a new University of Crookston Golden Eagle!

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