The most common resolutions among students


Angela Gutierrez

Achieving good grades is a common resolution among all students. In 2019 students received results they were not satisfied with. Now they are working towards improvement. “A goal is a dream with a deadline” (Napolean Hill)

Angela Gutierrez, Performing Arts Reporter

Physical, spiritual and scholarly changes await in 2020. These three categories are what students on campus have primarily based their resolutions on. A new year calls for new goals and students have already figured out what ambitions they wish to accomplish.

In a survey taken, consisting of 37 people, 7 based their resolution around changing or improving themselves physically, 19 want to improve their habits at school, and 11 of them would like to make spiritual changes to make themselves feel like a better person. Physical resolutions included improving in sports, keeping a tidy room, and reaching and maintaining a healthy figure. Fabio Bernardino, a junior, believes that resolutions that are focused  around physical qualities seem to pop up every year because, “With the new year people reach a peak of reflecting on their year and maybe even their lives… people want something better for themselves and resolutions give them the motivation or reason to come to the decision.”

Goals that have to do with school seem to be common among teenagers since they are still receiving their education and desire to succeed in the future they create for themselves. Out of the 19 students who chose to base their resolution on school, the average resolution consisted of improving grades and putting a stop to procrastination. Now that first semester is over and second semester is beginning in the new year, the students want to start off on the right foot and with a strong vision of what their ambitions are to keep them motivated.

A new year means a fresh start and the 11 students who fancy a spiritual renovation have created resolutions that meet the requirements their hearts desire. Making sure they felt good about themselves was a priority when thinking of their goals. Some of the resolutions were common responses like thinking positively, being kind towards others and to simply have fun.

Now that 2020 has arrived some students realize they want inner peace whereas others like Max Cantos simply want to be “Tik Tok famous.” Resolutions help people create a guide for what it is they want to improve or change in the following year. According to the survey results, teenagers seem to think alike in what they crave.