Triple threats: going above and beyond the conquistador way


Isabella Angon

Don Lugo’s student section decked out in Lugo spirit wear. Students support the football team at a varsity home game. “Ain’t no party like a Lugo party!” Photo courtesy of Isabella Angon.

Angela Gutierrez, Reporter

Students are told to embody the “Conquistador Way” of being respectful, responsible and involved. When it comes to being involved, there are students that go above and beyond. They are involved in three or more extracurricular activities and still manage to do well in school.

One of these students is Alexia Elizabeth Monreal Sanchez. She is a junior, a member of Don Lugo’s girl’s basketball team, does track, is president of the robotics club, president of the femineers club and is a part of the L.E.A.D. program. She usually spends 11 to 12 hours on average at school busy with sports or academics. She explained what it’s like to have so many commitments, “It’s very busy. Sometimes I barely have time to hang out with friends and do homework, but I still manage to get it done.”

Angela Gutierrez
Alexia Sanchez wears her basketball sweater that reads her nickname “Rookie.” “I enjoy being busy.” (Alexia Sanchez) Photo courtesy of Angela Gutierrez.

Alexia chooses to be involved in so many activities because she enjoys being busy and feeling productive. Her advice to her peers on campus who don’t think they can manage so many activities is, “Try to make time for it. If you want to do something go for it.” In her opinion, being involved in so many activities benefits students when it comes time to apply to colleges.

Pablo Nunez
Varsity waterpolo team member, Tosh Kuhn, actively engaged in his match. Waterpolo is only one of the many sports Tosh plays. “If you can plan out your day it’s pretty easy to be involved.” (Tosh Kuhn) Photo courtesy of Pablo Nunez.

Another student on campus who is very involved in school is Tosh Kuhn. He is a junior who does water polo, basketball, volleyball, and is an active member of the Hearts and Heroes club. Tosh explained that being a part of so many activities is, “Very time consuming, but I like it and it’s fun because they are all things that I enjoy.” His piece of advice to students who are questioning if they should join an activity is, “If you are organized and can manage your time, I think you’d find it to be fun.”

Alexis Randazzo, a senior on campus, is a member of the National Honors Society, vice president of the Hearts and Heroes club, one of the Renaissance commissioners and one of the cheer captains. Alexis has a zero period class and after school practice, meaning she typically spends 11 hours at school. If she isn’t busy at practice, she is working hard on AP homework. Alexis believes that being involved makes school more fun, and her advice to students is “You’ll always find a way. If you want to do something do it.”

Stacy Randazzo
Alexis Randazzo, one of the captains of the cheer team, is seen cheering at a football game. “I’m surrounded by the people I have friendships with when I’m involved.” (Alexis Randazzo) Photo courtesy of Stacy Randazzo.

Students involved in extracurricular activities believe that those experiences enhance their high school years and make school exciting. These students are just a few of the many involved scholars at Don Lugo. All conquistadores on campus should strive to walk the conquistador way every day.