Jock of All Trades – The Draw Out: “MILKCAN 2019! #ChinoK” (Ep 1)


Edward Lillie

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Edward Lillie, Diego Cruz, and Gary Garcia

Did you miss the game that took place under the Friday Night lights? Join Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia, Quest News’ Sports Editor and number one Sports Writer, as they sit down and run the plays for every sports game that happened on Friday. Sit down and listen this week as they give their play-by-play breakdown of the game that took place October 25, 2019 between Don Lugo’s Conquistadors and Chino High School’s Cowboys in the annual Milkcan game!

Before covering the always fun Milkcan game, Diego and Gary cover the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball CIF game second round. As last year, the Girl’s Volleyball team suffered a devastating semi-final loss; everyone was rooting for them to go all the way this year. The girls were doing great in this year’s CIF so far as they won against Rialto (3-0) the previous week. Going against Buckley in the second round this week, the Don Lugo’s Girl’s Varsity Volleyball team suffered a 3-0 loss.

Moving on to the Milkcan game between Don Lugo and Chino High, Gary elaborates on the disrespect shown by Chino’s Cowboys as right before the game started, Chino’s players ran onto the Don Lugo field and planted their flag. The emotions were running rampant that night, and everything was on the line. Down to the last second, the game was even until a two-point conversion was called from Coach Gano allowing Don Lugo’s conqustadors to come out on top and retain the Milkcan one more year!

So, whether you want the lowdown on all things Don Lugo sports or you want to hear where the hosts’ predictions went right or wrong; Quest News’ Sports Podcasting show, Jock of All Trades – The Draw Out with hosts Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia every Monday on Soundcloud and iTunes!