Diego Cruz

Lugo Football team win 4th straight Milkcan game 15-14. Football Team celebrating win with team picture with Milkcan trophy. “It all comes down to energy and we showed that the 2nd half.” -Coach Gano (Photo Courtesy: Diego Cruz)

Diego Cruz, Sports Editor

Don Lugo has won this year’s annual Milkcan game against their main rivals, Chino High, giving them their fourth straight Milkcan victory! After defeating the struggling Cowboys 15-14 from a nail-biting ending, Lugo has improved to an even 2-2 season so far in league, and are still in the running for CIF.




Starting the game, Lugo came off with a rocky start as they allowed the first touchdown of the game from Chino’s first drive. The score remained 7-0 heading into the 2nd half. Mackenzie Aguilar, Lugo’s female kicker was asked what she thinks the team needs to do following the 1st half, she responded with, “We need to focus more, and need to get in the groove as a team.”

Heading into the 2nd half, Lugo came out the locker room with an immediate momentum shift with an 82-yard kickoff return from JoJo Galindo which then led to him scoring on 4th down with a 1-yard dive up the middle for a touchdown. However, Chino answered quickly with a 15-yard pass in the endzone giving them a 14-7 lead.

Lugo then went to work putting up a solid drive to put them in the red zone at the end of the 3rd quarter. To begin the 4th quarter, Lugo ended up finishing the drive with a run on the outside by Gary Garcia to keep the game close at 14-13. This then led o Coach Gano going for 2 to try and give Lugo a 1-point lead in the 4th. This turned out to be a successful choice as Gary Garcia dove in the end zone to give Lugo the win of 15-14.

I decided to put the ball in my best ball carrier’s hand for 2 yards. If we can’t get 2 yards we don’t deserve to win.”

— Coach Gano (on going for 2-point conversion)

Lugo walks away with yet again another Milkcan win. The conquistadors continue to conquer Chino High throughout the years, and look to keep the tradition alive throughout the future of the program.